M/Y VivieRae II 98′ Nordhavn 2017 New-Build

Yacht Entertainment Solutions custom tailor’s each entertainment system for the lifestyle of the vessel.
VivieRae II, A 98’ Nordhavn 2017 New-Build in Xiamen China was no different.

Owner of Yacht Entertainment Solutions, Darren Coleman spearheaded the design from schematic drawings, products of use down to customized pictorial style vessel AV manual.


Major Features Include:

  • iPAD control with RTI system throughout the vessel staterooms.
  • HD Movie Server giving each room access to an on board movie and music collection with 4K playback capability.
  • Automation of light controllers by Cantaloupe with preset scene setting.
  • Automation of motorized blinds and TV Lifts
  • Selectable AXIS security camera integrated for viewing on the iPAD and sending to the TV.
  • Room dedicated Bluetooth as well as “Whole Boat” WiFi audio throughout the vessel.
  • DirecTV HD Satellite to all area using Intellian.

Centralized Multi-Room AV Distribution:

  • Key to the design is the centralized AV distribution rack.
    The only thing in the staterooms are flush mount Speakers, a TV and an iPAD
  • Each room has independent access to the vessels collection of
    4K movies and music.
  • Each room has its own Bluetooth with a pass code.
    This ensures no one else can walk over the top of your stateroom’s Bluetooth.

Automation Control Summary using RTI:

  • I-PAD control
  • Movie Server
  • Cantaloupe Lighting control with Preset Scenes
  • Blind Controls
  • Motorized TV Lifts
  • Selectable Axis camera viewing on IPAD and TV

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