Internet Services

Today Internet Service is becoming a Must Have.
Most electronic products are requesting or requiring Internet connectivity.
Luckily there are also many ways to stay connected.

For Example:

  • More and more marinas are making WiFi HotSpots available.
  • Cellular Connectivity is more popular than ever!
  • Satellite Internet is getting cheaper and faster!


Amplify your ability to connect to the Internet with the Wave WiFi system.
The Wave WiFi solution extends the range of your vessels ability to connect to nearby Hotspots.
Save your favorite locations for a faster automatic connection while in range.

LTE/5G Cellular

Why not take advantage of Cellular Connectivity while you are in range?

Cellular is much faster and cheaper than satellite Internet.
The Cellular option is very reliable in connectivity while in Cellular range.

KVH Global Satellite Internet

This product will ensure you remain connected while underway to your destination.

The cost of satellite Internet can be worth the reward of a business email or stock transaction. 

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